Rock Advisory Group meets you where you are, and builds bridges to growth and expansion opportunities from there.

While engagements evolve with the business, we typically get that first phone call to help clients in one of these areas:


The best leaders know what they don’t know, get comfortable with the uncomfortable, play to their strengths and lots of other business clichés. When it comes down to it, it’s all code for not being afraid to bring in resources to strengthen your ability to deliver results. When it comes to business planning and growth initiatives, this often means engaging people outside of your organization.

Rock Advisory Group has successfully implemented business planning and growth strategies from companies ranging from start-up ventures that grew from three to 43 people, to international professional services firms who look to us to build and execute acquisition strategies in multiple countries. While we are ready to help wherever your need lies, we are often working in the following business areas:

  • Vision Setting and Consulting
  • Strategic Planning Programs
  • Growth & Expansion Plans
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Business Development Programs
  • Training & Development
  • Interim/On-Demand Leadership
  • Financial Analysis & Programs
  • Ownership Transition Advisory


Organic growth efforts can be more manageable, but as the name implies, they take time to nurture and build. Meanwhile, the market is moving at the speed of business and you sometimes can't afford to wait.  Gain an immediate position in a market, region or service area through a strategic merger or acquisition – or even a targeted teaming or joint venture strategy depending on the pursuit.

Rock Advisory Group can program manage the entire process, or just a part of it depending on your resources. From initial market research and due diligence through deal negotiations and team integration, we are able to protect the investment and the intended results. We also represent organizations interested in positioning themselves for sale or merger.

  • Corporate Advisory & Guidance
  • Market Research and Reports
  • Preliminary Target Analysis
  • Prospect Nurturing and Evaluation
  • Leadership Team Coordination
  • Financial Analysis and Deal Structure
  • Due Diligence and Early Engagement
  • Deal Negotiations and Closing
  • Post-Closing Engagement Support
  • “Seller” Positioning and Marketing


There is a good chance your firm has a process in place for attracting and hiring professionals based on demand and attrition. There is also a good chance that your leadership team feels it falls short on a few levels. While internal people and resources do a great job at moving candidates along, keeping managers informed and getting paperwork into the system, game-changing talent opportunities rarely surface from these channels.  

We all want talent – how will your organization be positioned to identify, attract and hire the best of the best? Rock Advisory Group builds programs to strengthen your company’s existing resources, tap into market intelligence and treat qualified candidates with the respect and values that introduce your company in the way you would.

Typically, programs focus in on one or several of the following areas; however, we can assist with additional needs supporting your talent acquisition strategy:

  • Corporate Recruiting Programs
  • Staff Planning and Prioritization
  • Recruitment Branding & Technology
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Executive Attraction & Engagement
  • Management and Specialist Recruiting
  • In-House Recruiting Support
  • Onboarding & Incentive Programs