Even the most progressive leadership teams have a hard time implementing that visionary strategic plan they crafted at the off-site retreat. You’ve carved out the plan, but not the time necessary to successfully put it into motion. ROCK not only helps with the plan itself, but in putting it into action and measuring the results.


Business happens – and the day-to-day of it all delays progress on even the best laid plans. A partnership with ROCK gives you an outside advisor to make sure steps – big and small – are being taken every day to keep the team in forward motion toward results. Along the way, we are there to clear hurdles – real and perceived –  that may hinder your success.


If a business is pursuing growth, it’s pursuing the unknown. Leading the charge can feel exciting, but also uncertain, as you pick your path and embark on the journey. We have found that principals benefit from on-demand business counsel that is in the market, yet outside their four walls. Rock offers flexible, knowledgeable leadership resources to help you navigate growth challenges, and react to needs caused by growth, chance or transition.


Unlike heavy, rigid consulting engagements, Rock Advisory Group wants to help you implement the plan as a trusted partner and advisor.  For some clients, this means very focused support in one area of the business, for others it means wearing multiple hats on the management team, bringing a vague vision into focus or charting a course for capturing new opportunities.


Rock Advisory Group engages a national network of recruiting, marketing, leadership and technical resources to ensure the right fit for each client we serve. Depending on the needs of your engagements, we empower the right consultants, specialists and vendors to deliver success at the right scale and speed. We have never met two clients with the same situational need, and believe a partnership approach produces the best team for the job, every time.

If we fulfill our vision – to create and implement profitable growth strategies – you will fulfill yours.




Like so many successful businesses, Rock Advisory Group was born out of passion, but also out of necessity. “In 2008, the market was starting to turn, and so did our business,” said Simpson. “One day I was a significant owner at a growing consulting firm, the next day – total uncertainty as the economy crashed and drastic steps needed to be taken.  That was a twist I didn’t see coming, but one that I’m grateful for every day.” 

Strengthened by his faith, Terry took inventory of his professional successes and relationships. After years of leading a successful, growing business unit, he couldn’t picture himself trying to recreate that success on another leadership team. Combined with a need for advisory services in an uncertain economy, he launched Rock Advisory Group to help companies find ways to grow in an challenging economy, add value for principals looking at transition options, and collaborate with firms that share an overall drive for success and values at work.   

As an executive, Terry brings 20 years of growth strategy, business development, operations and corporate governance expertise to the table. He is a former senior partner and board member of Atwell-Hicks, a past member of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Board of Advisors, an SMPS Past President and member of the Board of Influence member. Terry is also currently vice president of A Light to the Nations, an international group of business-minded Christians fulfilling ministries throughout Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.


Creating Value through Values:

  • We do what’s right for you and your business.

  • We believe in strong moral character.

  • People and companies are unique, and we treat each as such.

  • We strive to represent your business as if it’s our own.

  • We like to do the right thing, and work with others who do too.

  • Connecting people for mutual benefit makes us happy.

  • If we can’t deliver value, we won’t take the assignment.

  • We commit no less than 10 percent of gross revenue to charitable causes.